In Spring 2023, the Colorado Grain Chain (CGC) was excited to accept applications for our newly created Brewers & Distillers Microgrant Program.

Four participants were selected from a fantastic list of applicants with a variety of creative project proposals utilizing Colorado grown grains from across the state to create unique beverages. We selected two brewery programs and two distillery programs with a good geographic distribution, variety of grains utilized from a range of growers and maltsters, and distinctive takes on classic styles. The resulting projects were released in the Fall and Winter of 2023 and garnered lots of excitement from grain enthusiasts across the state. 

The CGC made clear in our request for applications that we were looking to select projects whose main fermentation and distillation grain choice was one that supported the spirit of dry land agriculture. Whether the growers involved used organic, regenerative, or dry land agriculture, we were interested in learning as much as we could from the applicants. As we have seen, these practices contribute to critical water conservation (in a state that frequently reports regions of drought), increases in soil health, and result in grains with high nutritional density and fantastic flavor. We have been satisfied by our participants’ commitment to this priority and feel that they have made a positive impact on the Colorado craft beverage space from both a water conservation standpoint as well as presenting creative projects for consumer enjoyment!

Please explore the winning projects with the links provided.
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