Growing our Community One Grain At A Time
Customers seeking ways to support Colorado’s local agriculture, shorten their carbon footprint, and help cultivate a vibrant community-centered grain economy now have an easy way to search for local, Colorado grown grains and grain products. Over 30 small businesses & farms in Colorado can now be found using the Colorado Grown Grains Co-Brand! 

Why use the Colorado Grown Grains Co-Brand?  

Product Recognition
Use the Co-Brand Logo (FREE) on your product packaging, store-front, point of sale, and website to let your community know your products are rooted in locally sourced, nutritious and wholesome Colorado Grown Grains. Together we can increase market demand and bring more local grain goodness to menus & tables everywhere people live & gather.

Grain Community Features
Align your farm & business with the Colorado Grain Chain and get featured in the Colorado Grain Chain network, including the monthly newsletter, social media posts, and the Grain Exchange Marketplace. 

Access Technical Assistance*
The Colorado Grain Chain (CGC) facilitates access to resources through our diversified core team, for grain production through Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU), and for recipe transitions with Colorado grown whole grains (e.g. UCCS Grain School Test Kitchen). 

Grain Literacy & Recipe Features*
CGC and UCCS provide materials for you to educate and engage with your customers on all things grain (e.g. nutrition, varieties, grain sources, recipes). Check out some of our material here. Let us know if you’d like to be included in a feature co-brand recipe. 

Promotion & Collaboration*
There are opportunities to feature your work in our annual grain events, online education offerings, and through our network and media outlets (e.g. CGC Roadshow, Grain Home School, UCCS Grain School Online and Grain School in the Field). View our Grain School in the Field 2023 program here

**Benefit access and tailoring of CGC logo options is reserved for annual Colorado Grain Chain Business Members. Co-Brand users that apply today are eligible for an exclusive limited time offer at $99/year. To receive the limited time CGC Membership discount, complete the our Membership Application with the Co-brand selection and we’ll send you a promo code. 

Accessing the Co-Brand

The Colorado Grown Grains Co-Brand may be used by any business or partner that grows, uses, or distributes grains grown in Colorado, including: farmers, millers, bakers, brewers, distillers, chefs, CSA's, farm stands or farm subscription programs.

We also welcome partners such as farmers' markets, agri-tourism, food hubs, local retailers, restaurants, online markets, and institutions to use the co-brand.

The co-brand seeks to expand the marketplace for Colorado grown grains by increasing consumer awareness and emphasizing the value of products made with local grains.

We ask that all using the co-brand pledge to incorporate at least 20% of grains grown in Colorado in their products, while committing to increased whole grain content for nutrient quality. 

If the application poses any barriers to you, please email your business name and phone number and we’ll be happy to assist with the application. 

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